Cover Reveal!

Be Kind, Rewind is coming February 15th!

Cover by the amazingly talented, Michelle Preast Designs.

Do you think this is just going to be another boring cover reveal? AS IF! Be Kind, Rewind by Melissa Brown is the first in her brand-new Spotlight Video series.

This series is destined to take you back to the ’90s and relive all of those amazing memories of going to the video rental store on a Friday night to pick up a VHS for your weekend date. If you’re looking for a read that is totally Empire Records meets Reality Bites then Be Kind, Rewind is exactly what you need! Over the next several weeks, there will be many different opportunities to win early direct-to-kindle copies, swag packs, and even some paperbacks!

This beautiful cover was made by the amazing Michelle Preast Illustration & Design. Be Kind, Rewind (A Spotlight Video Series Novel) Release Day: February 15, 2022Click here for more information and to pre-order your copy, aight?

Here’s the 411 on Be Kind, Rewind: A 90s nostalgia, enemies to lovers novel from Melissa Brown, set in her brand new Spotlight Video Series!

She’s always dreamed of living her life in the spotlight. But for now, she’s just another college student working at Spotlight Video.

The year is 1994 and Naomi Parker has always dreamed of being in the movies. She’s hoping to make that dream a reality by enrolling in the best performing arts program the Midwest has to offer. But respected programs cost money…lots of it…and her scholarship will only go so far. To make ends meet, Naomi gets a job at the most popular video store on campus, Spotlight Video, and she quickly becomes part of its unique culture. There’s only one employee she can’t stand, the Assistant Manager, Buzzkill Ben.

Ben Watson is tired of the employee revolving door at Spotlight Video. He’s tired of people calling in sick, blowing off work, and treating the place like a bar with no cover charge. As the Assistant Manager, he works hard to balance work and school so that he can make something of himself when he graduates. There’s only one problem…he can’t get the newest employee out of his head. She’s just like all the others—she’s constantly late, doesn’t take things seriously, and questions his authority. But she’s also nothing like the others, or anyone he’s ever met, and that’s the problem.

Will working closely together spark a romantic interest between these very different people, or will Ben be a buzzkill after all?



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